Waiting For The Wrong Messiah

December 3, 2023

Readings: Isaiah 9:6-7

Series Description

What are you waiting for? Maybe it is for reconciliation in a relationship or healing of your health. Maybe you are waiting for that job, or that degree, or for things to change in your life and in the lives of those around you. Maybe you are waiting for something else? Waiting is never easy, however, for many, the deepest pain of waiting lies in our sitting with all the unknowns, especially when we feel as though God is so far away. In our circumstances we long for answers and hope. We may find ourselves saying “How long, Lord? Is there hope?”

However all throughout Scripture, we read that waiting times were never wasted times and that people did not take God’s felt absence as reason to turn away from Him. In their waiting, they had the posture of anticipation for the God they could not see. So if the season of advent is about waiting for the arrival of the Savior of the world, then how may God be using your current waiting time to prepare you for His arrival in your life and circumstances?