Scarcity Mindset

February 4, 2024

Series Description

God has a lot to say about the money that we have and many times we get those two words, God and money, mixed up. Instead of trusting God with the money that we have, we trust money to be our god. We find ourselves spending time thinking about money, trying to get more money, and finding ways to spend that money.

But did you know that God actually talks a lot about money, not because He cares about money, but because He cares about us? God knows that if money is not handled properly, it can easily corrupt us, control us, worry us, and even strangle our soul. But if we can understand God’s perspective of money, it can change the trajectory of our priorities, it can change our spending habits, and it can even change the hold that money has on so many of us. We can go from putting our trust in our money to now putting all of our trust in God instead.