From Striving to Thriving (Shift 4)

March 10, 2024

Readings: John 15:5-8, Acts 1:8

Series Description

Before He returned to Heaven, Jesus commanded all of His followers to go and make disciples of all nations, but what does that mean? Well, really, it means following Jesus, following Jesus with others, and helping others to follow Jesus so that people experience God in more intimate ways and lives are changed. But if we are honest, far too often we can fall short of being a disciple ourselves, never mind helping others to follow Jesus. It can be easy to fall into attending church on Sunday but then fail to apply the things of God to our life and cultivate disciples who are devoted and committed to Jesus. But what if we could change that? What if each of us made 5 important shifts in our own lives that would not only transform our lives, but empower the church to live and love in such a way so that lives, communities, and the world are changed? 5 shifts that would allow us to bring Jesus’ salvation, redemption, and restoration to the world.