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New Sermon Series: Unsung Heroes

June 20, 2024

What is a hero? Someone with a mask, a cape, and who wears tights? Someone who fights crime and gets the villain? Someone who stands in the gap for others, fights evil, overcomes odds, and stands for truth and justice? The reality is that a hero can be anyone who shows great courage as they give of themself for the greater good of others. A hero models for us what to do and even what not to do when it comes to life.  When we think of heroes that we read about in the Bible we often think of people like Moses, Esther, David, or Paul. However, some of the best lessons of what it means to follow God and honor Him come not just from the familiar heroes that we so often read about, but from less prominent stories of people behind the scenes who we don’t know much about. These are unsung heroes; people whose lives didn’t give them fame or popularity in a worldly sense, but whose actions and sacrifices changed lives for God and the world along with it. These were people who lived surrendered lives to God and as a result God used them mightily.  Unsung heroes who demonstrate to us what is possible in this world when ordinary people remain faithful to an extraordinary God.

Come join us for our 10 week sermon series called Unsung Heroes: What Happens When Ordinary People Remain Faithful To An Extraordinary God. This series begins on Sunday, July 7th. We meet every Sunday from 10-11:30am at the Ferryway School (150 Cross Street, Malden, MA). New series are a great opportunity for you to invite your friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers to come and experience God with us!

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