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Thanksgiving and Praise Prayer

Edwin Menon
Nov 20, 2022
Series Description

Everyone faces struggles, obstacles, disappointments, and circumstances that seem impossible to overcome. Dealing with a struggling marriage or relationship, financial issues, trauma from our past, a health crisis… you fill in the blank. And a lot of times, after we have tried to figure out everything on our own strength, wisdom, and power, then prayer becomes our last ditch effort when everything else has failed. For some this means, praying to Genie God that He will come through for us if we rub that prayer lamp enough times. For others, prayer means reciting memorized prayers that you learned as a child as you pray to specific saints. For others, prayer means silently talking to our deceased ancestors, asking for their help. And for some, prayer is putting faith in an idol. But all of these tactics still leave us relying on ourselves to try to figure things out. 

But what if there was another way? A way where we can learn to be reliant on the God who sees us, hears our cries, and is ready to respond. But this only happens when we seek Him in prayer. Over the next 6 weeks we will spend the next 40 days seeking God like never before as we see breakthrough and transformation in, through, and around us.